Should you worry about your state’s pass average?

In my opinion, law students waste too much time and energy worrying about their state’s bar passage rates.

Your state’s overall pass average for a particular exam is not the biggest predictor of individual success. Instead the factors which are actually within the control of the student tend to prove to be the more accurate predictors of success. In other words, the amount of time spent in preparation, the amount of practice testing done by the student, etc. are more significant predictors of success. So are things like whether the student studies full-time versus trying to hold down a job or handle other outside distractions.

In my experience, students who put in the necessary hours and who use their study time effectively tend to pass the exam every time regardless of the overall state pass average. So rather than worrying about factors that are beyond your control, why not focus your energy on the things you can control and make the success factors work in your favor.